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 Left 4 Dead Hunter Tips

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PostSubject: Left 4 Dead Hunter Tips   Sun Jul 05, 2009 10:25 am

Okay wut u gotta know is that hunters r only rly great if u know how to use them. Wut others tend to forget is that they should b working as a team just like they should as survivors. Anyways, when ur a hunter, try to get up to higher ground. High ground is any infected's best terrain. Plus, u can score more dmg becuz of distance and velocity of ur pounce. To gain distance, high up places like rooftops and the tops of trees r probably ur best bet to score some extra dmg. The velocity in high terrain will increase due to gravity if ur jumping downwards. U can also gain velocity by jumping around WITHOUT touching the ground such as jumping from side-to-side of buildings or telephone poles. This way u can get up to an extra 25 dmg on the survivor if ur pounce hits spot-on.

If you find fire around ur area, use it. Jump in a molotov / gas can that's already gone off or on top of those barrels of fire. Fire dmg gives you DOUBLE dmg which is pretty sweet. Just remember ur health is going down slowly and u will b shouting all the time since ur on fire. However, if u can get a pounce for maybe 3 seconds, u did some killer dmg WITHOUT having to get up high.

Wut some ppl dont know is that hunters hav a scratch-back effect. You will do scratch dmg as you are being knocked away (most likely by a melee spammer). All you hav to do is use LT like you would for normal scratching as u r getting knocked back. Just get in the habit of pressing LT as you pounce survivors.

Scratches r VERY strong when coming from hunters. They do 10 dmg a piece and that can do wonders even to get just 10 health off the survivors. Sometimes pouncing isnt necessary if u can scratch ur opponent to incapacitation / death. However, remember that it is best to scratch survivors during a horde becuz the survivors can NEVER tell which zombie (or special zombie) is doing more dmg to them. This way u can go to the side of a survivor (or behind an idiotic survivor) and scratch away as the survivor tries to get rid of the normal zombies that dont do nearly as much as u can.

Now that you know some great techniques, Im going to teach u a lil trick to help u get past melee spammers no matter how many there r spamming melee. Its relatively easy considering ur not a dumbass. All u gotta do is aim a bit higher when pouncing so u go up and over ur opponent then land down on them w/ ur pounce. It's best used when the survivors hav their back to the wall which most melee spammers do. Practice this 1 a bit since it mite b somewhat difficult to do since u hav to know how high to jump or which side to jump from. Its easy to get used to so dont worry so much about that.

Hunters r very good at distracting. If ur waiting for ur infected buddies to respawn and / or setup an atk, u should just jump around in big pounces not going after infected, but getting in their view so they notice u and try to shoot at u which is virtually impossible if ur keep pouncing in big leaps. Just make sure NOT to jump off the edge of the map becuz that would not b good and u will look like a dumbass.

Do u know about when smokers pull the last guy backwards as the rest of them jump down to a lower platform? Well, hunters can generally do the same thing. Just get the last guy from the side. If ur get him from behind, u get pushed a little bit forward which would let the other survivors c u betr. Sure the other survivors could try jumping and shooting at u, but some r too stupid to think of that. Plus, they usually wouldnt know that their buddy is taking dmg behind them until around 4 seconds later. This gives u time to do MAJOR dmg, ESPECIALLY if ur on fire.

Alrite, Im done here (for now). If u guyz got any questions or more tips, feel free to post them. Ciao! d(^_^)b
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Left 4 Dead Hunter Tips
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