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 Leach: You have been warned

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PostSubject: Leach: You have been warned   Thu May 21, 2009 11:40 pm

Ok, I've seen this happen quite a lot and I've come to a conclusion.

Now let me explain something before I decide to write my commandment in stone:

We are all aware of the awesomeness of CEF and how 98% of their content ends up here. In general, it's bad to steal a program/information, paste it in another forum/website and claim it to be yours. That is not the problem that is occuring here. People give credits to the makers which is definitely fine by me. However, there is one thing that bugs my mind.

Here is an example:
Credits to thebestporter of sw none to me accept the leach,so please thank me for releasing it here.
So basically, you searched into another website, copy pasted information, gave credits to the author, and then you ask for "thanks" ?

I don't think so.

I don't see why anyone should be awarded for simply copy and pasting. I've seen this happen quite a lot. "Ohh, here is a program made by Blah, thanks me for uploading it here." Any loser can do that. If I were to do such immature things, my thanks count would be over 5k.

In short, releasing information here and giving proper credits (name and location of source) is fine by me, no objections. But asking for thanks is simply pushing it.

From now on, if I see you asking for thanks for doing a copy+paste, I will warn you. How much? I haven't decided. But if you really want to know, break this rule and you will find out soon.
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Leach: You have been warned
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