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 [GUIDE] How to revert to patch 1.10 + D2 MODS!

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] How to revert to patch 1.10 + D2 MODS!   Sat May 23, 2009 4:12 pm

This guide will teach you how to revert back to 1.10 to play mods, etc for diablo 2.

The Process

1. Make sure Diablo 2 is fully installed with expansion, and make sure it's updated to 1.11b.

2. Open up your Diablo 2 Directory folder (C:/Program Files/Diablo II by default).

3. Download this file and overwrite it in your Diablo II folder. (Game.exe for 1.10)

4. Download this file. (Diablo II 1.10 Patch)

5. Make sure your diablo folder is C:/Program Files/Diablo II, and then rune the Diablo II 1.10 Patcher. It should patch back to 1.10.

6. All done! Enjoy playing whatever on 1.10.
REMEMBER: Going on battle net with 1.10 will cause it to update back to 1.11b! DO NOT GO ON BATTLE.NET UNLESS YOU ARE PLAYING ON A PRIVATE D2 REALM!

Useful Files:
Bnet Gateway Editor - Download
Valhalla Mod v5.03 - ZIP File
RAR File
D2Net.dll required to play Valhalla on the private realm - Download
D2 Maniacs Private Mod Server
! -

* You can make up to 18 character per account & per MOD.
* Cheat-Detection to get rid of the damn cheater.
* No "90day unplayed character remove" and no "character must be played for 2 hours" limitation.
* We do our best to get fail-save, lag-free game environment.
* We've multiple gameservers running to get a better load-balance, and fail-safe rate in the case that a game server crashes.

* Account and character backup every 6 hours.

Supports all of the following (NOTE: All require patch 1.10)

* Ancestral Recall 1.10
* DoggyMod 0.08b
* Eastern Sun 3.00
* Johnnys 1.21f5
* Nezeramontias 1.09
* Reign of Shadow 0.31b
* SnEj 5.2a fix 1
* Valhalla 5.03
* Zy-El 4.3

IP for D2 Maniacs:

How to 'join' D2 Maniacs:

The easiest way to connect to our server is by installing this windows®️ regfile.
After installed, there is a new "D2 Maniacs" gateway entry beside the official gateway entries.

Select the "D2 Maniacs" gateway
and press the "Battle.Net" button to connect to our server.


Another often used method is the use of a "Gateway Editor".
If you don't have such GatewayEditor, you can download here an windows GatewayEditor or an MAC GatewayEditor.
(The following sample describes the windows version)
Start it and chose the game for which you want to add a gateway.

Press the "+" button to add an entry.

Enter the following data:
Server name = D2 Maniacs
Host name = (or IP: "")
Timezone = -1

Save the changes by pressing the "Disc" button.
After starting the game, you should be able to select the new gateway.

Hope this helps! ENJOY!
Please click the 'Thanks' button in blue if this helps Very Happy.
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[GUIDE] How to revert to patch 1.10 + D2 MODS!
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