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 Maple Story hybrid jobs- Thief

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PostSubject: Maple Story hybrid jobs- Thief   Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:07 pm

As most of you know who plays Maple Story, hybrid jobs may be an essential to be the strongest one may be. Hybrid jobs may appear in all jobs, some stronger and more effective than others.
Starting with the most popular job for hybrids, the Assassin, may be the most powerful hybrid in such an early level. One may attain an attack over 100 at the level of 11 to 12 depending on how well the equips are. Assassins aka Dexless sins, are highly capable of killing enemies very quickly. The cons however, are that Dexless Assassins require a ton of funding to be very strong and requires several skills such as the jump back throw and being able to have the hand eye coordination to jump around enemies and kill several enemies at a time.
Another hybrid thief job is the Dexless Bandit, which is similar to the Assassin for it has the same build of ability points. The Dexless Bandit may be stronger than the Assassin in the long run but in the beginning, Bandits are usually weaker than Assassins. The Bandit is big on direct attacks and is one of the strongest jobs in the game. Like the Assassin, the Dexless Bandit also requires a lot of money and funding.
Other hybrid jobs for the Thief is the Sindit which is a Bandit with the attack of lucky seven which is highly not recommended for as one levels with a weapon, the attack is raised according to the weapon the user holds. For instance, if one levels up who plans to become a bandit but has the attack of lucky seven, and levels up the luk or dex, the attack will adjust to the weapon the user holds. Another build is the Low Dex Assassin or Bandit. These two jobs may be powerful but will never compare to the Dexless jobs. The pros for this type of hybrid class is the fact that funding will not be at such a high demand.
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PostSubject: Re: Maple Story hybrid jobs- Thief   Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:29 pm

I have an hybrid cb dexless Razz : ]
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Maple Story hybrid jobs- Thief
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