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PostSubject: AQ ID''s YEAHHHH   Thu May 21, 2009 5:18 pm

I'll be keeping this updated with new Shop ID's. The Monster ID list will be in an attachment at the bottom of this thread, because it's much too large to post.

Q: Did you make this list yourself?
A: Yes, I complied this list of shops and items completely on my own... well mostly. I went through each shop one afternoon, and made this list. I did borrow some terminology (for broken shops) from other Shop ID lists I've seen.

Q: What does (N/A) mean after some shops?
A: There are no real items added to the shop yet. The shop only contains Wooden Staff, Cloth Robes, and Lightning.

Q: How did you choose which items to list after each shop name?
A: I tried to list the highest level of each item series from the shop, to make searching for items easier. For certain shops with a large amount of items, that all belong to separate series (such as Aria's shop) I have listed only the newest items, or most sought after items from that shop.

Q: Why do some shops have no items listed after the shop name?
Either the shop's name should make it trivial what items are in the shop, or the shop's name is what item is offered. There is also the third possibility that the shop contains a wide assortment of items, that listing all the different series would make it look like a mess.

Q: When do you update?
A: Whenever I have time.

Q: Why isn't this colorful and cool looking like some lists on CEF?
A: I don't see why it needs to be visually appealing. I figured if you're going to be using a shop list, you'll be using the find function, not scrolling through the list looking for a specific shop or item. I will consider this though.

Q: Would you consider marking which shops are rare?
A: Possibly. I have all the rare shops marked on my private list.

*To make searching easier, use Ctrl+F.

Shop ID's*
1 Aria's Pet Shop (Sandshark)
2 Walric's Advanced Shop (Big 100k, Poise, Lightning Rod, Spellblocker Shield, Groglurk Rage, Ice Nine)
3 Yulgar's Beginner Shop
4 Reaper's Hideout (No longer accessible)
5 Robina's Shop (Siege Tower Shield)
6 Wizard Games 1
7 Drakel Market
8 Guardian Shop (Error for non-Guardian)
9 Guardian Test Shop (Error for non-Guardian)
10 VampireSlayer Shop
11 Vampragon's Shop
12 Safiria's Shop (Lycan, Vamp)
13 Galanoth's Shop (Golden Dragonslayer)
14 Walric's Beginner Shop
15 Paladin Storeroom (Heal Mortal Wounds)
16 Yulgar's Back Room (Elemental Seeker, Tsunami Edge)
17 Mage Class Shop
18 Z-Token Weapons
19 BoneCruncher Mace
20 Hybee Spear (Hybee Spears)
21 Dragonbane Shop (Dragonslayer Shield)
22 SnuggleFest (Marsh Troll, Champion's Heart, Insane Candy Hearts)
23 Valencia
24 Class Armors (Ninjat)
25 Misery
26 Spell Scroll (Storm Tide)
27 Spell Scroll (Fireball Z)
28 Spell Scroll (Astral Forge)
29 Vampire Shop
30 Werewolf Shop (King's Dualight)
31 Werepyre (Werepyre Form)
32 Wizard Class
33 War Chest (Fortuitous Bladehenge, Leprechaun Power Armor)
34 Zombie Vegetable
35 Custom Weapon
36 Frostval (Wicked Breaker, Snow Golem Form, Frostval Wreath, Greater Slay Bells, Blue Krabb)
37 Troll Club
38 Paladin Class (Golden Holy Armor)
39 Seed ? (N/A)
40 The Maelstorm (AQwarrior)
41 The Maelstorm 2 (Ultimate Maelstorm)
42 Frostval Village (Phobos/Deimos/Nemesis Mace/Plate/Shield)
43 Adder's Forge (Spirit Katana)
44 Twig
45 Falerin's Shack (Intellect Scroll)
46 Boiler Room (Magna, Scrambler Ray/Beacon)
47 The Seed (Flogg)
48 Frostval (Jingle Bells, Candy Cane, Yellow Snow DOOM!)
49 Werepyre (Werepyre Form)
50 Necromancer (Necromancer/Obsidian Cloak, Randomizing Ray/Blight)
51 Bag o' Bones
52 Light Orb
53 Pae's Shop (Gecko Armor)
54 Finch (Ion Cannon)
55 The Future (AssaultMecha)
56 Geoto Member Shop
57 Aerodu Member Shop (Aerodu Sword/Shield, Gong of the Wind!)
58 Meduse Member Shop (Nautica Clan)
59 Fenris (Fenris Ripper)
60 Fenris Final Shop (Fenris Gasher)
61 Voting Booth (Booth is not used anymore)
62 The Hunter (Head of Raydius Dragon)
63 N/A
64 Magical Plant (Larsham Flower)
65 Mist Maiden (Leech Head)
66 Smoke Mountain (Tharg Hide)
67 Crystal Cave (Crystal Seed)
68 Epheel (Epheel's Gift)
69 Shadow Shop 1 (Penumbral Spear/Cloak/Bones)
70 Shadow Shop 2 (Umbral Spear/Cloak/Bones)
71 Shadow Shop 3 (Shadow Spear/Cloak/Bones)
72 Reign Shop 1 (Scion Sword/Plate/Defender)
73 Reign Shop 2 (Heir Blade/Plate/Defender)
74 Reign Shop 3 (Reignbringer, The Liquefactor, Reign Plate/Defender)
75 NightBane (Nightbane's Form)
76 Guardian Arena Shop (Undefeatablade)
77 Frogzard Hunter (Sackelberry Special)
78 Gattan Conqueror
79 Gatta Island
80 Captain Rhubarb (King Tide Reaper, Rhublade, Riptide)
81 Mogga Idol (Mogga Idol 13)
82 Naab (Eye of Naab)
83 Mogloween (Pumpkin Staff, Ghost/Clown Costume, Candy Corn Squall)
84 Mogloween (Pumpkin Smasher, Licorice Whip, Harvest Reaper, Sugar Rush Armor, Gorgonzilla Costume, Great Pumpkin Patch, Drag O'Lantern)
85 Epheel (Epheel's Gift)
86 BeastMaster (Beast Trainer's Whip, Feral/Primal Garb, Pet Whistle)
87 Igneus Member Shop (Gong of the Wind!)
88 Glaciuos Member Shop
89 Dynami Member Shop
90 Lucian Member Shop
91 Nocturu Member Shop (Gong of the Wind!)
92 Higgins Real Estate
93 Bulbug House Extras
94 Huntress (Gauntlet of The'Galin)
95 Krenos (Summon Krenos)
96 Spiver (Iron/Granite Edge)
97 Pirate Class (Octopirate)
98 Ultimate Victory (Bobble Devourer)
99 Eggstra-Secret Shop (EggsCalibre, Albumin Staff, Wabbit Armor, Grenbaby)
100 Eggsiting Shop (Robunny)
101 Weapons of Salvation (Salvation Blade/Scepter/Bow)
102 Drakel (Guitar Ax, UNDER Gun, Summon Draklin)
103 Predecessor (Vibraxe)
104 Dragoncat (Dragonkitten)
105 Muhrbles
106 The Exodus (Exodus Axe, Banisher Scythe, Exodoggie)
107 Creation Orb 1 (Sword of Deren)
108 Creation Orb 2 (Brihaldo Spear)
109 Creation Orb 3 (Brihaldo Blade)
110 Creation Orb 4 (Blackbones, Brihaldo Feathers)
111 Creation Orb 5 (Duality, Winged Guardian)
112 Tralin (Hero's Charm)
113 ??? (Greater Charm, Keeshish-Kin)
114 Friendship Ring (Don't buy, will be C/A/T'ed)
115 Koofu Kaller
116 Sinister 7 (Drakaxe, Sila's Staff, Helms of Drakonnas/Drakonnan)
117 Car Trobble
118 Legal Trobble
119 Triple Trobble
120 Trobble San
121 Big Trobble
122 Bugs (The Exterminator)
123 Transfarmer (Transformer Armor)
124 Devourer Minions (Energy Claws, Exodus Axe, Banisher Scythe, Tiki Masher, Quackinator)
125 Warsmith Dagger
126 Warsmith
127 Pirates vs Ninja (Ninja Star, Captain's Hook, Ninjat, Octopirate)
128 Weapons of Heck (Tongue of Stragath, Vampiric Axe, Soul Leech, Limbus Blade)
129 Beserker (Ragebreaker, Berserker Hides, IronThorn)
130 Drakel Civil war (Auger of Brontus, Lavistria's Bow, Fansarin's Machete, Elven Barrier)
131 Vertai Shop (Vartai Blade, Dragon King's Axe, Vartai Armor)
132 Snarf
133 Thunder Kitten
134 Thunder set 1 (Thunderclap Hammer, Thunder Plate, Thundercloud Shield, Thunder Cat)
135 Thunder set 2 (Valhallan Maul/Plate/Guard/Lion)
136 Thunder set 3 (Mjollnir, Asgardian Plate/Shield/Lion)
137 Fighter Class
138 Ninja Class (N/A)
139 Knight Class (N/A)
140 Dracomancer Class (N/A)
141 Groggle 1 (Peerless Blade, Thule Spear, Guardian Mecha Suit, Vampiercer)
142 Groggle 2 (Impeccable Blade, Guardian Mecha Suit, Vampiercer, Ninjat Flip-Out!)
143 Groggle 3 (Impeccable Blade, Vampiercer, Ninjat Flip-Out!)
144 Superhero (SuperZard Costume)
145 The Protector (Protector Rod/Armor/Shield/Pet)
146 Talk like a Pirate day 1 (Porthole Slasher, King Tide Reaper, Riptide, Bucanneer Monkey)
147 Talk like a Pirate day 2 (King Tide Reaper)
148 Zombie Bane Sceptre (Zombie Bane Scepter [11])
149 Golden Set 1 (Pyrite Axe/Plate/Shield, Zombie Bane Scepter [38])
150 Golden Set 2 (Gilded Axe/Plate/Shield, Zombie Bane Scepter [65])
151 Golden Set 3 (Golden Axe/Plate/Shield, Zombie Bane Scepter[92])
152 Shield of Chaos/Unity
153 (N/A) (Error)
154 Clan Reward (Edge of Unity)
155 Scholar Class (Explorer's Outfit)
156 Nightbane (NightBane's Fangs)
157 Starter
158 Gnuvain (Shapeshift)
159 Ballyhoo (Flaxe)
160 Eldron (Summon Galrick/Giliara/Diviara/Eldron)
161 Zorbak Ebilzard (DebilZard)
162 Harvest Festival (Boiled Drumchucks, Jonagold Blunderbuss, 1334/1337 Horn of Pwny, Velociglobbler)
163 Gift Boxes! (Gift Boxes)
164 Arena 4 (Runestaff, Sun Sickle)
165 Beleqwaya Special (Belequaya's Gift)
166 Mogbusters (Archimede's Death Ray, Soda Popper)
167 Arena1 (Bludgeoner)
168 Arena2 (Runestaff)
169 Arena3 (Runestaff, Sun Sickle)
170 Xyphos (Powerword Soupy Red Fog)
171 Good Alignment (Purity Blade, Arrows of Virtue)
172 Evil Alignment (Shield of Corruption, Vile Shadow)
173 Doomquake (Rast Axe, Scorp Staff, Summon Doomquake Minions)
174 Lava Drake (Lava Broadsword, Greater Lightning Wyvern)
175 Wizard Games 3 (Water/Light Spirit Staff, Ice Needles, Meteors, Elemental Singularity, Vortex, Manasposion)
176 Wizard Games 2 (Shooting Stars, Mental Energy, Manasplosion Mini, Elemental Vacuum)
177 Lolosia (Benthic Shank)
178 Fall of Granemor (Necropolis Tongue/Fleshrender)
179 Bullyfighters (Gumball Launcher, Blingshot, Bullfighter, Anklebiter)
180 Martial Artist 1 (White Gi)
181 Martial Artist 2 (Telescoping Sword, Serpent Fang Gi)
182 Martial Artist 3 (Niuwei Dao, White Gi)
183 Martial Artist 4 (Talon Blade, Swift Talon Gi)
184 Martial Artist 5 (Ochish No-Dachi, Mountain Cudgel Gi)
185 Martial Artist 6 (Fist of Legend, Ancient Spirit Gi)
186 Malzar
187 Hollow's Garage (Hollow's Weather Remote, 292)
188 Cor-Dem
189 Overcharged Malzar Pet
190 Sword of Truths (Sword of 3000/5000/7000/9000 Truths)
191 House Estate Items
192 Nerflord (Steel-Core Boffer, Myrmidon's Pugil Stick, Nerf Ravager, Nerflord's Crest, Squirrel of Order, Vampire Nerfbat)
193 Fall of Augerthorne (Master Silari Bardiche, Silari Atom Blaster, Broadkill Necrobot)
194 Zardhunter 4 (Zardmaster Lance, Elite Zombie Zard)
195 Paxia Mecha (Venerable/Postmodern Chrono Blades, Time Cookie)
196 Rise of Omega (Auric Wing, Agony Shield)
197 The Manifestation (Nightbane's Apotheosis, Nightbane's Soulchilling Howl, Ring of Dark Wood)
198 Ebil Scythes (Infernal/Calvarian/Stygian/Phrygian Scythe)
199 Devourer Final Battle (Chaos Flux Flail/Staff/Glaive, Souvenir Boy's/Girl's T-Shirt, Pureheart Mirror, Perfect Elemental Unity, Mark of Hope, Evil Eyeglasses)
200 4-Leaf Clover Field (Lucky Lotto Foot, Elder Myte/Flee, Lucky Wild Bingo's Foot)
201 Firespawn Part 2 (The Gasparian, Limkragg's Claw Flail, Limkragg's Prana, Guardian Lightning Wyvern)
202 Spellcraft
203 Mech Attack (Sparkle Boy, Time Cookie)
204 Space Girl (Cosmics Blaster, Keen Hoopdy Hoop, Cosmos Blade)
205 GraceFang / NightReign Cycle (Shadowsbane Pyracepter)
206 Frostval in July (Vintage Clockwork, Epic Healing Pants)
207 Maurinelle's Voice (Maurinelle's Melody)
208 Pearapplos (Mutant Dragonblade, Valor Point, Granemor Captain's Helmet, Pearapplo Basket)
209 No Man's Land (Greataxe Tempore, Scarred Rose)
210 FunDead (Fundead Flensing, Fundead Lion)
211 Z-Token Shop 2
212 Mutant King 1 (Ogrish Whalloper, Ogre Shaman Staff)
213 Drako (Mutant Dragonblade)
214 GraceFang / NightReign (Darkovian Triumvirate, Triffid Rhizome, Tortello Frond, Rashalia Sporophyte)
215 Xerxes One (Conflagrant DrakeTongue)
216 Jypley (Jypley's Canesword, Pickled Punk Z, Pygmy Frogzard Legion, Multi-Element Pygmy Frogzard Legion)
217 Mutant King 2 (Widdel Orrphel)
218 No Man's Land War (Mutant King Club)
219 PieRat War (PieRat's Revenge, Octopirate)
220 TwEbil (Summon Wicked TwEbil, Double Chunk Fudge Brownie)
221 Lionidas (Lionidas' Kreigsmesser)
222 Ventus and Anemos set (Aquilon, Boreas, Ventus Plate/Reflector, Anemos Plate/Reflector)
223 Xerxes Two (Dragonpact Onslaught)
224 Restoration of Beleqwaya (ArchMage Research III)
225 Misfits (Face Hammer of Smashing, Spirited Hanuboy)
226 GraceFang / NightReign Cycle (Chomping Fangsword)
227 Mogloween 08 (Mummy Leg, Vicious Diretooth Form, Amalgamated Frankenshield, Gween)
228 No Man Land's War 2 (Observe Brigandine, Antipodean Plate Z)
229 NightReign and GraceFang Cycle (Nightstalker Great Crossbow)
230 Vayu set (Pavana, Vayu Plate/Reflector)
231 Fuijin set (Tonbo-giri, Fujin Plate/Reflector)
232 Ubear Set (Cotton Candy Spear, Shooting Circus Ubear Form, Huge Box o' Peanuts, Lil' Big Top)
233 Magic (Summon Woolly Thoctar V, Crucible of Fire V, Kiss of Amesha V, Mindlock Orb V)
234 Portals (Portal to Trescol, Portal to Kairula, Mega World Portal)
235 Frostval 08 One (Frostshard Sliver, Frostshard Sliver Shield)
236 Frostval 08 Two (Fresh MissileToe, Enraged Paindeer Mount, Red Pinecone Shield, Phantasms of Frostval, Naughty Helves)
237 Assassin (N/A)
238 Dinozard (Dinozard Chomp, Dinozard Horridus)
239 Trescol (Luntet, OriTo Nun)
240 Trescol 2 (Bora'jee)
241 Permafrost (Gleaming Permafrost Scimitar)
242 Absolix (Butterhoof, Rascorpion)
243 Law of the Dragons (Ancient Light/Wind/Water/Earth/Ice/Darkness/Energy/Fire Dragon Form)
244 Victimia (Lunar Avenger, Monster Dicer)
245 Absolix War 1 (N/A)
246 Paxia Defense (N/A)
247 Twig Skills (Fishing Rod, Fwying Wonder)
248 Back to the Future (Major Gradient Sphere Staff, Cyberhen)
249 Wabio (Rose/Carnation/Lavender Blossom, Love Potion #731)
250 Pirates v. Ninjas 09 (Sandstorm)
251 WarLich (Summon WarLichKing, Divine Wasabi)
252 Food Chain (EggSlayer, Summon EgGobbler, EgGobbler Jr.)
253 Kairula 1 (Luxuriant Junas Axe, Junas Carapace)
254 Kairula 2 ( Luxuriant Shalen Spear, Summon Argent Glin)
255 Destroyer One (Mayhem Blade)
256 NumNum (Vessel Vessel, Gweez)
257 Galvawk (Galvawk's Geas)
258 April Fool's Day 09 (Super Joy Buzzer, Joke Gun, Loco's Buzzer, Striking Red Herring, Whoopee Cushion)
259 Critters (Tarsal Talon, Guardian Aracknight, Queen Buzzer)
260 Live (N/A)
261 Tentei (Tentei Razor, Everlasting Guardian Gumn)
262 Destroyer 2 (Corrupted Holy Battleaxe, Corrupt Guardian, Corrupt Moglin)
263 Eevolu (N/A)
264 Reevolu (N/A)
265 Treevolu (N/A)
266 Dynablade (Dynasaif)
267 Absolix War 2 (Absolix Polearm, Absolix Pauldrons)
268 Grabbi One (QuadroSickle, QuadroScythe)
269 Grabbi Two (Tentacular Tentacular)
270 Grabbi Three (Grabbi, Grabbi Z)

The Monster List is from CEF.

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PostSubject: Re: AQ ID's YEAHHHH   Sat May 23, 2009 6:05 am

Nice, big help. Btw, you play AQ, or AQW?
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PostSubject: Re: AQ ID's YEAHHHH   Thu May 28, 2009 9:53 pm

I'm assuming AQ, Otherwise he probably would've specified AQW.
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PostSubject: Re: AQ ID's YEAHHHH   Sat May 30, 2009 9:02 am

What draken said. Also is there anyway to recove your account if you forgot it? Sidenote - resistance I need your msn nub i remem u from pwni.
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PostSubject: Re: AQ ID's YEAHHHH   Sat May 30, 2009 8:11 pm

On topic: Agreed Drakren.

Off-topic: I'll add yours, King.
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PostSubject: Re: AQ ID's YEAHHHH   

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