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 Maple with a game controller guide

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Founder & Owner

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PostSubject: Maple with a game controller guide   Thu May 21, 2009 11:36 pm

My other thread went off the deep end, so here's the guide if anyone needs it as a reference.

Welcome to the guide on how to play MapleStory using a controller. It really adds some new fun to the game, and now you can play laid back pimping style XD

I hope you enjoy this guide!
Thanks ^_^

Note: When playing with a controller your keyboard and mouse are fully functional

>> Step 1 Find the controller that's right for you

First you want to figure out what kind of controller you want to use, here you basically have two options.

♦️ Option one - Simply use a PC gamepad, you can search for them on sites such as newegg. Remember to read professional reviews as well as the customer reviews. These controllers can then be found in physical stores if you can't buy online.

Here is one of the most popular choices, the Logitech RumblePad 2 link

♦️ Option two - My preferred choice, buy a USB console controller adapter.

We all love the controller to our favorite console, and these adapters allow you to plug your console controller right into a USB port.

You can end up using anything from a Playstation to a Gamecube controller, and it is simply recognized as a normal controller under windows. I personally use a Playstaion > USB adapter, but you might buy one to fit your console type of course.

Good ones can be found at PlayAsia among other places

Here is one for Playstation>USB that looks good: link

At this point you should also have a controller for that system ready to plug into the adapter ^-^

Note: If you have a wired 360 controller, simply download these drivers and plug the controller into a USB port

Same thing with a PS3 controller, but these are unofficial drivers link

Also, if you have bluetooth adapter and a WiiMote, go for it link

>> Step 2 Finding your button numbers

In Windows XP, after you plug in a controller for the first time you should see it recognize it as a human interface device. If it does not you may have to install drivers that came with your controller.

Once that is done you want to head over to your control panel found by clicking start > control panel

Once inside click on "Game Controllers". It should look like this: link

If you have your controller plugged into the first slot of the adapter, double click on the top line, and vice versa.

Once inside head over to the "test" tab.

Start hitting buttons to see if it is registering, if not you either didn't install dirvers if needed, you need to restart / re-plug, or you have a dead device which would suck.

The reason we're here is to find out which numbers correspond to the buttons on our controller.

When you press a button you should see a number light up. For example when I press my Triangle button the number 1 lights up. This tells me that my triangle is button 1 (not what you might think right?). I suggest writing down all of the numbers that correspond with your buttons.

This looks like: link

Now that you know all of your button numbers it's time to assign your keys.

>> Step 3 Input to Keyboard Press setup

For this you are going to need a program that takes button presses and turns them into key presses. There are a few that do this, but as killer has pointed out my favorite one is JoyToKey.

You are going to have to start out by downloading this so here is a link to the official site:

The download link is at the bottom. Once you have the zip file there is no installation, simply extract the program to a folder that you will remember. I put mine in a program files folder with a shorcut to it in my documents.

These are the files that you should have in your folder after running the program once: link

Don't worry about the other stuff and simply run the program.

The fiirst thing you are going to want to do is name your configuration as the charachter you are using it for. For example I named my config "Ice Wiz" like this: link

OK once you have named your config it's time to set up the buttons

Double click on a button line to the right and this screen will pop up:

First click your mouse in the yellow area, then press a key on your keyboard that will be used for that button. Then press ok.

In the picture I pressed the left arrow key on my keyboard, so this means that my 'left' button on my controller will make me go left in MS.

Now here is where your button list that you made earlier comes into play. When you get down to the numbered buttons you have to remember which is which. For example the key that I set up for button 1 is going to be what triangle does. In this case lightning, which is Z on my keyboard: link

Here is a snapshot of my configuration, yours is most likely different: link

For your pick up button, and physical attack button, you probably want to set up 'automatic shooting', this simply allows a button to repeat, letting you hold down your pick up button. This is not auto-looting, it just allows the button to repeat just like a keyboard would. In the new version I reccomend comparing your keyboard physical attack frequency with your repeat rate physical attack frequency so that you can find the minimum repeat rate that works like your keyboard. For me this is 4, which might even be slower than my keyboard. (btw there is no difference at 30)

Looks like this: link

Once you have all your keys set up for the right buttons you're ready to go!

Simply minimize JoyToKey and your controller will act along with your keyboard.

>> Step 4 Play MapleStory using your new controller!

Try playing MS and making changes in your config as needed. I happen to use the same config for my sin Razz

If you have any problems post back in this thread.

Peace ^(0-0)

I cannot be responsible if this is bannable in the future
There is currently no indication that this is bannable, even if the repeat rate is set to max.

Original Post

I've been thinking about it for a while and I finally decided to start playing MS with my USB to Playstaion controller adapter.

I'm so happy because I finally got the analog sticks to work! (not that I use them in ms)

It's really fun and makes the game seem more laid back, but to talk to people I still have to lean over my keyboard.

Here are my controls:
+ pad: movement

X button: jump
O button: ice
Square button: claw
Triangle button: lightning

R1: MP pot
L1: HP pot
R2: tele
L2: pick up

Start: chair
Select: magic guard

I then rearranged stuff on my KB so its easier to hit inventories and buffs.

I'll make a guide if you like

Please do not give me any credit
for this!!
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PostSubject: Re: Maple with a game controller guide   Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:49 pm

Whoa, i didnt know u could use a controller like ones used on a gaming console that have a USB cord for maplestory! That's cool, but wouldn't that not have enuf buttons?
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PostSubject: Re: Maple with a game controller guide   Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:10 am

I'm pretty sure you can edit the commands of each button and well depending on what controller you get will depend on the amount of actions
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PostSubject: Re: Maple with a game controller guide   

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Maple with a game controller guide
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